Contemplation of Nature’s Offerings

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Today’s post is by Bryan Berghoef.


A quiet space, a walk in the fields.
Sounds muted, muffled.
A bird calls in the distance. Another responds.
Butterflies conspire quietly
between the greenery.
Contemplation of nature’s offerings.

Contemplation doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it’s incredibly simple. When I tell myself I’m entering into a contemplative space, it’s as if everything else sort of blurs around me, and the center focuses more sharply.

My physical surroundings become secondary to my inner state of mind and heart. Beatrice Bruteau confirms that “what interferes with our living a contemplative life is not the busy, noisy, confused, demanding, harassing world in which we must earn our living and care for our families. We like to blame this environment, but that is not really the source of the disquiet. Even if we could go to the country, have nothing much to do and no threats to our…

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Storm clouds over wheat field – pastel

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I took some photos from the car window when I was out and about near the Grampians over the christmas break. There were wheat fields everywhere, the middle of the harvest. I also wanted to practice working on clouds. There was a rotten storm (that stopped us going to the mountains, but at least I got some good cloud shots out of it). Of course the entire region was on fire a week later. Welcome to Victoria in summer.

I’ve blocked in one of these in oils too I’m working on (ok I blocked it in, not working on it yet).

This is a pastel painting. You DRAW with the pastels but you can get a painting or a drawing depending on how you use the pastels. I did a lot of finger smudging and hence I ended up with a painting. It is a pretty dirty process, you end…

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Recording Studio – Inspiring Spaces

Sound Art Creator:

Tremendous spot for music and recording! Nice acoustics, I’m sure.

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Recording StudioBeautiful space at the Echo Moountain Recording Studios in Asheville where I recently worked on Endless Immersion. We didn’t master in this exact room, but I like to peek in there whenever I am around. Exciting announcements are forthcoming!

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Solar Eclipse and Spring Equinox

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I had a great weekend here at Haremoon Cottage in County Mayo, all my lot came home as it was my birthday. Apart from lovely birthday cards, presents and cake I was given lessons in astronomy photography by my son.

Eclipse 200315

First lesson began Friday morning, and we were lucky there was some cloud breaks which revealed the partial eclipse of the Sun. The partial eclipse is caused by a shadow created by the Moon as it passes between the Earth and the Sun which began about 8.30am. The next solar eclipse is not due until 2026 so I have loads of time to learn how to take some decent Sun photography.

New Moon

This weekend we also had a new moon and the Spring Equinox where the sun crosses the celestial equator, and day and night are of equal length. The sun will now continue north of the equator until the summer…

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Sunday seclusion

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Sun was shining
Trees singing hymns
Blue and white mating
creating, perfecting whims
greens dew slurping
birds whispered chirpings
river oozing, burping
life’s secret gems
day’s beauty missed
seclusion loudly hissed
the morning is gone
you are still all alone
slowly sans realisation
the seed has sown
a beautiful day passed
another Sunday lost
to what could have been
Let reality hard bite
raw imagination light
commencing life fight
to what should be
Could, and would be
Need that nod, agree
let that mind be free
Time is really short
Need that big heart
Past, rum under bridge
Climb optimism ridge
Let Monday be the day
When future has her say
Keep present accomplice
there is lot to accomplish


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