Joy in the Heart

Excellent prose! Think on this one . . .

Lucia Mystica

As we progress through the Christmas season, we notice a soft river of joy welling up in our hearts.  Why is this?  A soft petaled rose, the delicate dew on the flower, and a faint glimmer can point the way.  For the murmurings of God have painted themselves into our awareness, but only if we pay attention and take notice.

“Christ is born!  Glorify Him!  Christ is born!  Glorify Him!” we hear from the Divine Liturgy of the Eastern Churches on Christmas day.  But there may be more to this than first meets the eye.  A subtle beginnings in an obscure barn on an out-of-the way farm heralds something new.  The distant gleam of light comes to take up residence in the world.

Perhaps a season of quiet portends.  Out in the fields in the new-fallen snow, the depths of winter stillness blankets the land.  We trudge in our heavy…

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Jade plant in the window

Beautiful! Thank you for this.

moveable paintbox

jade plant watercolor

For today’s watercolor sketch I decided on part of a jade plant in the window using the following approach:

 1. I lightly sketched in the large shapes with the side of the pencil.

Then, in general, I used the watercolor as colors caught my eye:

2. the dramatic bits of yellow and yellow/green 3. general greens. 4. the blue sky 5. cool dark blues, added them in shadow areas and also drew with the paint, finding a few contours. 6. dramatic reds and oranges along with more yellow, found a few moments of purple shadow. 7. Used the pencil again, this time with the point to define shapes and shade in a few areas.

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