About Sound Art Creator

A gathering of artists and musicians.  Seeking to understand and appreciate new media:  confluences in waves of light and waves of sound.  Exploring the polychromatic nature of artistic expression.  Especially interested in watercolors.

Our heroes are the Cleveland Museum of Art, and the many fine smaller galleries around Cleveland, Ohio.  Also, we love Severance Hall (where the Cleveland Orchestra plays) and the many, many fine smaller chamber music venues (and jazz clubs) scattered across the region.

We seek to curate the best in art and music.  Quality is the watchword.  We strive toward the ancient ideals of beauty, truth and goodness.  Excellence is always uppermost in our minds.  (This can include beginning artists.  Beginners often have exciting new ideas to share with the world.)  In a sense, it is seeing things with new eyes.

We love to create new works.   Originality (which also includes fresh interpretations of classic works) is the best expression.  With a commitment to quality, we are dedicated to Excellence in Art and Music.

10 thoughts on “About Sound Art Creator

  1. Thankyou for stopping by my blog and reblogging one of my paintings. I am planning to refrequent your site you have created, here, it is packed with artists I have and have not visited. Thankyou for putting a site together like this!

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