Forestry Friday … Logcicles!


We store logs in decks during the Summer so we have enough wood to run the mill all year-long.  Logging is curtailed in California during the Winter.  In the Winter logging is restricted to dry rainless periods or hard frozen conditions to avoid muddy runoff.


The log decks have sprinklers on top of them.  This keeps the logs soaked, which keeps the wood in good condition until the logs are milled.  We had a cold snap last week that got down into the teens.  Irrigating the logs when it gets this cold creates quite an ice show.


They used to keep the logs wet in log ponds.  Now the log ponds are our water supply for irrigating the logs and other mill needs.  The local wildlife now make the old log ponds home.

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Shoot The Moon


Last night, on my way home from the woods, I was treated to a beautiful moonrise.  The sunset wasn’t noteworthy, but the silhouetted trees were nice.

Early this morning, well before sunup, Kinta the puppy needed to go outside to “doo” his business.  Blitz and I took him out for a moonlit walk.  The moon through the thin clouds demanded that I get my camera.

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Enchanted Symphony




The Music of my Heart
Sings in its Utmost Sweetness,
Only of You.

The Symphony of my Spirit
Plays a tune Blissfully Sublime,
Only for You.

The Enchantment of my Mind
Dreams in shades Breathtaking and True,
Only about You.

Dearest Love!
Most Beautiful Man!
Who has, all in all,
Swayed my Heart From Fancying any other.
Let me Sing this Enchanted Symphony
Only With You.

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