Music Arises from Bells

A short meander outside, on a street we don’t usually walk down, and what do we hear?  A faint sound: ring, bing, loom, broom . . . bells.  But where do they come from?  See that church way down the street?  Aaaah, that’s the place.  Beautiful!  A haven calling from the past, a voice of beckoning for the future.

You see: melody generates from the sound of the landscape.  All good composers know this.  Awash in music, we develop patience, we simply listen.  Watch and wait.  All we need to make music is all around us.  It’s right here: brong, loom, dooorrrrrng, bells become our teacher, our conservatory of composition.

Pay attention.  This has been so throughout the ages.  These ancient and venerated church bells just may have something to teach us.

Broooonnnnng!  Go thou and make music.

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