What is the Object of Art? (We are Invited into the Dance)

Lucia Mystica

The Object of Art

What is the object of art?  Why does the artist create?  What is the mission statement, the vision statement?

Art is communication.  One feels the need to communicate something important to others.  A will to create, launched from deep down in the soul.  As the blues say, “Let that boy boogie-woogie.  It’s in him, and it’s got to come out.”

A need to connect.  The artist is driven by the fundamental need to connect.  To build an audience.  But much more importantly, to know that others have seen and heard the artistic vision that you see and hear.  Art becomes real when shared with others.  This is the quest, that which keeps the artist going day after day, in the loneliness of her studio.

She may be isolated for a time, but the knowledge that is shared with others is always the end goal.  Knowing that…

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