Music Arises from Bells

A short meander outside, on a street we don’t usually walk down, and what do we hear?  A faint sound: ring, bing, loom, broom . . . bells.  But where do they come from?  See that church way down the street?  Aaaah, that’s the place.  Beautiful!  A haven calling from the past, a voice of beckoning for the future.

You see: melody generates from the sound of the landscape.  All good composers know this.  Awash in music, we develop patience, we simply listen.  Watch and wait.  All we need to make music is all around us.  It’s right here: brong, loom, dooorrrrrng, bells become our teacher, our conservatory of composition.

Pay attention.  This has been so throughout the ages.  These ancient and venerated church bells just may have something to teach us.

Broooonnnnng!  Go thou and make music.

Wisdom from a Hawk: We Must Create Art

One day, I woke up to the sound of a hawk flying overhead, and coming to rest in the trees.  What, I said, a hawk?  Yes, indeed, the venerable hawk, bird of legend has come to teach us new lessons, as well as the sage ways of old. Ha! Pay attention, I then said, preparing to ascertain what might be at hand.

Lovely bird, I say, old chap, did you see that majestic flight in the sky, circling overhead, and then coming to rest in the trees?  Oh, yes, you might say, I certainly did!

Then, what, pray tell, might be the meaning of this?

Create art! The hawk replied, you must create art!  Today!  Today you will create art!

And so we must.  Get on that good old WordPress and blog about it, and then go paint a picture, write a song, and dance a dance!  There, that’s how you do it!  Oh, yeah! There we go.

That hawk just may have wisdom for us that we would be well advised to pay close attention to.

Music Arises in Subtle Places

Sometimes, I walk down the road not paying attention.  Then, I open up my ears and hear the soft voices of leaves in the rain.  What can be seen through the subtle sounds that our earth brings forth?  The dance of colors in the rain just may be the soundtrack for life.

Listening may surprise us.  Music arises in subtle places.


Art is Life

When contemplating the workflow of the artist, I often think of the patterns of the wind and rain.  A gentle flow guides the process with sudden gusts of motion.  Sometimes it can get pretty intense, then things seem to settle back down into a deeper level of equipoise and coherence.   A process of rising and falling, rising again and subsiding.  This seems to be the way of art.