Life is a Swamp (But We Artists Love the Mud)

Life is a swamp, or so some say.  But we artists love the mud.  Some see muck and mire, but we see beauty. Here in the fertile soil, the rich earth, creation awaits.  For the perceptive mind, mud is a source of beauty.  True in art, true in life.

Walking outside, here in Cleveland, Ohio, we herald the arrival of spring.  Oh, boy, it is sunny today and fifty degrees!  It’s been a long, hard winter.  The pipes froze last month, and there was water all over the floor, oh, man, that was a real mess.  Now that is all cleaned up and fixed.  Let’s go outside!

Look and see.  A rabbit says to us, ha! see me run?  You can run, too!  Join me in the frolic and fun.  Hop into the woods.  Who says you can’t?

For us, life is a rabbit, hopping in the woods.  The artist sees and creates.  We hop hop hop through the trees (perhaps this is even a poem) and that is fine.

When you’re feeling fine, create art.  This is our mission statement for the day.  Turn mud into gold.



A sense of beauty can be seen and heard through art and music.  This is why we seek to find and pass along to you, dear reader, the best and most interesting posts we can dig up out in the field.  May you be inspired to create your own art and live life beautifully!