Morning is broken

A Labor of Like

Morning is broken

I am not a morning bobolink (above)(Disclaimer: I’m not sure what the AM counterpart of the night owl is, but I’m certain it’s somewhere in the kingfisher/cockatiel/hippogriff family, so I rounded off to bobolink.)

Years ago, a priest friend of mine told me he didn’t like to say Mass at 7:00 in the morning, because he didn’t want to wake up God with all that loud praying.  This is the reason that 7:00AM is called an “ungodly hour”.  I have always taken that to heart.  (Word of advice: Any time a priest tells you what you want to hear, grab it and hold on for dear life, as this almost never happens. Mostly they just go on about forgiveness and repentance and holiness, which are much harder, particularly before breakfast.)

But as I was coming home from church this afternoon, I realized that as a good Catholic catechist…

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