Work-life-Guitar Balance

Classical Guitar n Stuff

We’ve all heard of work-life balance – finding that (perhaps mythical?!) equilibrium between making ones living and enjoying life (although that definition presupposes that we may not enjoy our work…), spending quality time with family and friends and so on.

Well, for those of us that are guitar nuts then we have to find not only balance between work and life, but also find time for good quality guitar practice and playing. Yes, this I call work-life-guitar balance!guitar_photo2.jpg
And believe you me I know all about this! For those of you less familiar with me and/or this blog it may come as a surprise that I have a day job outside of the wonders of the guitar world (strictly speaking you could say I have to find work-life-guitar-blog balance!). Yes as well as guitar-related activities, I have been studying, running my own business and most recently joining a large organisation.

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