Art, Music and Technology

A Teacher's Reflections

We’re learning about France in the classroom and also studying the art of the old masters, like Monet, Picasso and van Gogh.  Describing styles of art to young children with pictures and techniques is always exciting; using real watercolor paints from tubes squeezed onto a palette, painting at an easel, demonstrating brush strokes, and finding geometric shapes in abstract art.  As they begin to actually use real tools and techniques, they feel proud. We encourage children to come back to their piece of art, over and over again.  After all, a masterpiece is not created in a day.  Music is also art, and when the two come together, magic and creativity seem to explode.  That’s exactly what happened this week.

We used the book Can You Hear It? from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which matches a famous work of art with a classical piece of music.  Fabulous book!  The…

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