Candlemas at St John’s, Tuebrook, Liverpool

Choral Singing in Southport

It was unexpectedly moving seeing the line of worshippers processing round this extraordinary church, each holding a lit candle, while we of the Renaissance Music Group sang the affirmative chant, ‘Adorna thalamum tuum, Sion, et suscipe Regem Christum’ – ‘Adorn thy bridal chamber, O Sion, and receive Christ the King’. 

Last year we sang at an evensong for Candlemas at St Andrew’s, West Kirby, which I wrote about on 24 February, 2013, where the dark church was dramatically lit and the service had a solemn and poetical beauty.  At St John’s, the morning celebration on Sunday was a family occasion, and children were much in evidence, some carried, some clutching an adult hand, others scampering between adult legs. And in the adjoining hall, long tables were laid for a congregational lunch, enticing smells wafting into the church as the service came to an end.

St John the Baptist, Tuebrook. St John the Baptist, Tuebrook.


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