Pulse: The Heartbeat of Music

Classical Guitar n Stuff

When we’re learning a new piece on the classical guitar it helps to figure out all the notes, where our left hand is going on the fretboard and which fingers on the right hand are playing the strings (other way round, of course, if you’re left-handed). Yep, very useful.
And of course figuring out the rhythm tends to be very important too! Giving those dots on the page a bit of life and movement. As does some lovely dynamics, shaping, phrasing, a bit of push and pull with the tempo in the right places to really bring the music to life. Yep, all sounds good so far?
In getting to grips with all of this there is an important element that we still need to consider and that’s the pulse of the music.
What do I mean by pulse? I mean that sense of the main beats (and sub-beats), the…

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