Watercolour Vibrancy

The Outdoor Watercolor Learning Experience

“We see it as a photograph where the colour is photo-like, sometimes given vibrancy by the sun…we then paint it and it looks like an instant photo…this is why colour is not exaggerated enough.” ~Paraphrase answer  to How can I use colour to give vitality to a subject and make it appear almost more real than it is? by Paul Riley in The Watercolour Problem Solver, pg. 24

I had a similar question this summer. My question was about vibrancy. I believe that Mr. Riley gets pretty close in his essay to answering my student’s question. It is true that what we comprehensively see through our eyes is better than any camera. Even inhibited vision like my own is better than the most intensely accurate lens.

How do we filter that detail and maintain the look and feel of the scene with our watercolour? 

The first thing that I realized after…

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