Gouaches on a Gloomy Day

suz landscape painting journal


Here’s a couple of gouaches on watercolour paper I did last week. I was printing out some images of my paintings on paper but they didn’t work, so I thought I’d just start working with what was printed. It’s always interesting playing around with paints when you’re not trying for any particular result. Basically I just started painting what the weather was like outside. Fairly gloomy as usual.


While I was working on them I suddenly thought why not put the swedish style houses somehow in the picture but without putting in the houses. In Sweden they still paint houses in their traditional colours. Those that aren’t apartments that is, which is nearly all housing here. (Who made that decision?)

Near us all the houses are painted in what is called falu red or grey or a yellow ochre. All over the country you’ll see the same colours of houses…

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