Live Holiday Caroling(ish) with One Ounce Opera

Nuts and Bolts Music

One Ounce Opera founding director Julie Fiore joins us in studio with members Patricia Combs and Christina Flores to do some live holiday caroling(ish), talk about the opera landscape today, opine the similarities between metal and classical music, and start the revolution that will soon be known worldwide as Food Truck Dinner Theater. Get to know the group that’s been performing all over Austin, from The Domain, to Red 7, to Central Market.

Original air date: Monday December 9th, 2013 on Nuts and Bolts Music on KVRX in Austin.

Music featured: “cracked out carols” performed live by One Ounce Opera
2:36 – “We’re Pretending it Feels a Lot Like Christmas”
12:30 – “Angels We Have Heard are High”
19:36 – “The One Horse Open Sleigh”
24:40 – “Wassail”

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