Make ready my soul…

Excellent meditation on Advent. We are all artists on the great highway of life!

God is Always More


This Advent feels different somehow – like there is some new fragment of truth dangling just beyond my reach.  I find myself straining as if to hear some whisper in the winter cold.  I stare at the trees behind our house with their barren arms extended. They are reaching for something, too, I think.  Although I have all my Advent resources in a neat little pile – new booklets from wise and holy people to enrich my prayer – there is something more for which I am longing – some inexplicable reality that feels close but just beyond my reach.  It isn’t just Christmas.  Christmas will come no matter what.  I am longing and all I know is that the longing must be a gift.  It must be for my blessing.

As I reread some old Advent blogs, I noticed a thematic trend – a theological premise, really.  Advent makes…

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