Carissimi: Today’s Mass; Advent Ember Wednesday

Thanks for the historical info and the Gregorian Chant Propers for today! We can all still celebrate Ember Wednesday in Advent. Nice job.

The Brighton Oratory

elevation2aFeria Quarta Quattuor Temporum Adventus; O Adonai: Missa “Roráte, Cælí

On the Wednesday of Ember Week in Advent, the Mystery of the Annunciation is commemorated by many Churches. The Mass is sung early in the morning. That Mass is sometimes called the Golden Mass, Roráte Mass or Messias Mass. On that occasion the Church is illuminated as a token that the world was still in darkness when the Light of the world appeared. The Mass is called the Golden Mass possibly because in the Middle Ages the whole of the Mass or at least the initial letters were written in gold, or on account of the golden magnificence of the solemnity or more probably on account of the special, great, “golden” grace which, at that time, is obtained by the numerous prayers. It is called Roráte Mass after the first words of the Introit of the Mass: Roráte…

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