Lost your hearing and balance? Try woodworking!

Great message!

Guitar building by hand

(Warning? this blog is about how woodworking has helped me through a personal experience)

I woke up one morning nearly three months ago with my head spinning. No, I hadn’t drunk too much the night before, everything was just spinning violently around me for no apparent reason. Also, I couldn’t hear out of one ear but that didn’t bother me as much. After a very uncomfortable day where the room would spin each time I moved my head, I was told I had an inner ear infection. Days went by, the spinning decreased but the deafness stayed. After numerous hospital visits and tests I was told it wasn’t an infection but that the hearing in my left ear had shut down and probably wouldn’t come back. Apparently this is called ‘sudden deafness‘ which can be accompanied by the loss of the balance organ in the affected ear, and so…

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