Carissimi: Today’s Mass; S. Lucy, Virgin & Martyr

Thanks for the music for Saint Lucy!

The Brighton Oratory

santaluciaSt Lucy, Virgin and Martyr; Comm. Feria of Advent II: Missa “Dilexísti justítiam”

Hagiography states that Saint Lucy was a Christian martyr during the Diocletian persecution. According to apocryphal texts, the beautiful Lucia was born to a prosperous family of nobility in Syracuse on the island of Sicily. In the days of early Christian persecution, legends say that Lucia carried food to Christians hiding in dark underground tunnels. To light the way she wore a wreath of candles on her head. St Lucy, a native of Syracuse, Sicily, consecrated herself to God from her childhood.  Her mother did not know of her vow and wished her to marry a young pagan. At the tomb of St. Agatha, she prayed for the cure of her mother from a serious disease. When this prayer was granted she informed her mother of her vow, to which her mother then consented. When the young pagan saw her…

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