Excellent thoughts on Rembrandt and Pope Francis! Peace is greater than conflict . . . this is the way of the artist.

Lavender Turquois

The Beauty of God , Theology and the Arts  edited by Daniel J. Treier, Mark Husbands and Roger Lundin

In this wonderful book I found a comparison of two paintings of the Holy

Family one by Rembrandt and one by Nicholas Poussin.

While Poussin presents the viewer with idealized figures in a harmoniously balanced and orderly setting. Rembrandt renders the image of the family in terms of the household of a Dutch working family. From the academic point of view as informed by its then notion of beauty, Rembrandt’s work falls far short. But does it? scholar Jakob Rosenberg observed many years ago, in Rembrandt’s work spiritual truth-with roots in the Bible_trumps a classicist sense of beauty based on a fully controlled order. Rosenberg argued that since for Rembrandt the essence of truth about man and nature lies in the ultimate relationship of everything created to the

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