Picture book: St. Felix and the Spider

Interesting connections!

The Ictus


Sorry, this post isn’t about chant. Rather, my sister Lydia has just illustrated her first children’s picture book, St. Felix and the Spider, which was written by Dessi Jackson :


This book is mostly about the spider, I’m afraid. However, St. Felix, in case you are wondering, was a priest-martyr of the 3rd century. He is commemorated on January 14th (in the 1962 calendar, that is).

Legend has it that when Romans were looking for him and he was hiding in a cave, a spider … no wait, I shouldn’t give away the plot. But as you can see, after they had found the cave, the soldiers went away doing the solfege hand-sign for Fa thus :


So, if you need a book to help celebrate the 14th of Janiveer, this could be it. Or if you want to help keep alive this sort of jolly-tale-about-the-obscure-saint, that’s another reason…

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