10 String Classical Guitar & Narciso Yepes

Promoting new possibilities in great guitar repertoire. Very nice!

Pure Musician

Even though 10 string guitars are not very popular among classical guitarists, playing a 10 string guitar can bring some advantages to the classical guitar world, a wider range is the most remarkable one. Moreover, on a standard guitar, guitarists face some so called “unusual fingering” sooner or later. But on a 10 string guitar, those fingerings might not be unusual anymore, because there are 4 extra bass strings that can be played “open” (without holding any fret) and assist the player in some positions.

Also, 10 string guitar makes it easier to arrange pieces that are written for other instrument on classical guitar without too much alteration.

Narciso Yepes (1927 – 1997) is one of the greatest guitarists of all time. He started his musical studies at the age of four in Lorca, Spain. During his studies, he has been technically challenged by many violinists and pianists who believed…

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