Teilhard de Chardin Quote of the Week (November 11, 2013): Cosmic Consciousness

Teilhard de Chardin


“When we read the evidence of certain Christian mystics, or even simply what many perfectly ordinary people may tell us in confidence, we cannot but quite seriously question whether there may not be a sort of cosmic consciousness in our soul, more diffuse than our personal consciousness, more intermittent, but perfectly well-defined-a sort of feeling of the presence of all beings at the same time, so that they are not perceived as multiple and separate but as forming part of one and the same unit, at least in the future … Whether this consciousness of the universal is a reality, or whether it is the materialization of a wish, of an expectation—that is a question for the psychologists to answer, if they can. The least one may say is that many people have believed that they have experienced ‘cosmic consciousness’, so that, even if it is not an independent source through…

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