Why Early Music?

Historically Incorrect

Artists are often asked why they chose their particular path. I’m always a little let down when someone asks me what type of music I play—“classical,” I tell them—and I’m met with a vague expression of boredom and disappointment. (I’m terribly sorry I don’t play in a rock band or something that might make you more excited.) Occasionally when my answer isn’t met with apathy, I’ll go on further to say that I play “early music,” or “the earliest portion of classical music” as I like to describe to the layman. This intrigues some people, and continues to bore others.

How does one find something as obscure as “early music”? As a young, untrained cellist in grade school, I was exposed to classical music. Watered-down, bastardized, string-orchestra arrangements of classical music, but classical music nonetheless. And I liked it. I liked playing my cello. It was pretty simple.

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