Renaissance with TSSS: Peter in conversation and more (Part IV)

Handful of Shadows

lake crescent, olympic national park

(This is the fourth post in a series of posts on the Tallis Scholars Summer School 2013, held in Seattle. For the previous, post go here; for the next post, go here; for the complete series, go here.)

Peter’s laid back manner extended outside the rehearsal room too. In a long and memorable conversation some of us had with him (in a pub, naturally, he’s English after all), a number of topics were discussed. Along the way he encouraged an enthusiastic undergrad who wanted to start a Renaissance choir, saying that 16 was a good size for a group, because it allows you to do double-choir pieces with 2 voices on each part, and that was a good entry point. I said to the undergrad, “Wow, but you are just a kid” and remembered only later that Peter was himself an undergrad when he started the group…

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