Music Therapy and Its Effect on Children With Autism

Discover the Language of Music

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According to statistics from the US Centers for Disease Control, one in every 150 children in United States is diagnosed with autism, equating to a new diagnosis every 20 minutes.  And these statistics are increasing in distressing numbers. Autism is a neuro-developmental disorder that typically presents during the first three years of life, and affects a person’s ability to communicate and interact with others. A child with symptoms can have any number of behaviors on the “spectrum disorder” associated with autism. Typical symptoms include impaired communication and social interaction, repetitive behavior, and limited interest.

Many people believe that music can heal the soul, but can it help to treat autism?

Neuroscientists have conducted research that has proven that music calms the mind and eases stress. It has been observed that a specific tone, note, or pitch has a powerful effect on the body, and this can help autistic children to improve emotional…

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