Introducing Michael MacManus

Very nice! A fine example of good guitar playing, and selection of repertoire.

Classical Guitar n Stuff

Helloo dear readers!

Well, I have another “Introducing….” for you today. This time it’s the exceptionally talented Melburnian Michael MacManus. Michael is currently a Music Performance Honours student at Melbourne Conservatorium, studying under the great Antony Field and the 2012 winner of the Classical Guitar Society of Victoria’s Solo Guitar Competition.

I’ve had the immense pleasure of witnessing Michael’s development as a player over the last three or four years, and it was clear from the outset that he was a talented, and clearly hard-working, chap. In the last year or so, Michael’s playing has taken on a whole new level of….hmmm….how shall I say this…..awesomeness.

He posted up a video this week of him playing the Sarabande from Bach’s Second Cello Suite and I have to say I was blown away. Such sensitive and refined playing, yet with great expression. A very touching interpretation indeed. Simple and beautiful, as…

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