10 Reasons To Learn An Instrument As An Adult

Soundscape Music Therapy

Old woman playing pianoHave you ever found yourself wishing that you could play an instrument? Or rueing the day that you quit piano lessons as a kid?

I’ve heard too many people say that they are too old to learn music. While you might not find yourself traveling the world as a concert soloist, it is absolutely NOT true that adults cannot enjoy learning to play musical instruments.

Here are ten good reasons for starting music lessons now, as an adult:

Playing Music Is Good For You…

  • It’s good for your brain. You see neuroplasticity at work as you build new networks among your brain cells.
  • It’s good for your body. Depending on what instrument you choose, you can keep your hands limber, your core strong, and your lungs in good working order.
  • It’s something you can enjoy with others. You can join a band, sit in on a jam session, or play…

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