One Last moment With Summer

Niji Creative Collective

Yes, I know its fall now, but I had to get one more moment in with summer.  I am a mixed media artist who loves to make art journals and Yasutomo allows me to play with lots of different mediums.

Today I am sharing my Art Journal page. Sometimes I go all out with lots of layers with paints, inks, stamps, but there are those moments when you just want to make life simple.

I drew a tree with the Niji 36 Oil Pastel, starting with a dark brown and coloring in with a lighter brown color.  I used two shades of green to make my tree top and grass, and as you blend the two you will get more colors.

Here is the best part: As you might know oil and water don’t mix, so with this in mind I used  Niji Pearlescent Watercolor set  and Watercolor Brushes

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