Saint Pope Gregory I – “The Greatest of the Great”


Over the course of 2,000 years of Catholic Tradition, there have been four saints given the title of “great” for their contributions to the Latin Church. The four saints given this distinguished title are: Basil, Leo, Albert, and today’s Doctor of the Church, Gregory I. Not only is he great, he is the “Greatest of the Greats.”

St. Gregory the Great

Gregory was born in Rome around the year 540 to Gordianaus, a wealthy Roman senator, and Silvia, whose name appears in the Roman Martyrology. Little is known about Gregory’s father and mother, and that which is known, is scarce at best. Gregory’s father is thought to have owned several large properties or estates in and around Sicily.

Gregory received the best education possible at the time in Rome and was set on becoming a public servant. At the age of thirty, Emperor Justin the Younger appointed him as Chief Magistrate for Rome. Although…

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