Redemption is being with someone in their truth

Softly in silence, we wait in stillness for the voice of Christ. We ask for the patience and wisdom to be healers in our own lives, and forces for good in the world. A life well lived is an art form. Jesus is our master teacher.

Lavender Turquois

Be with me, hear my truth, this is the only reality I have. What a precious moment when one is asked to do this. When someone reaches out for forgiveness know that you are a channel of redemption. Do not withhold this gift. We all need it from time to time. Be attentive to what that person has suffered. Enter into it as Christ would because he was closest to the brokenhearted. Don’t ask reality to change or wash over it. The truth makes us most available to God. Ask, how has God been in your history all along. Has anyone condemned you? Nor do I. God speaks even in things you don’t want to hear. In the midst of this Christ is crying out for understanding. Definition of a Christian, no one is outside my compassion. See how I have been hurt. I trust you to wash my feet. Take…

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