Grater Than Some Of Its Parts, Part Two

OK, who here is hungry? Great news for the starving artist . . .

Cuisines, Compositions, and Contemplations

notation 1In part one, I tried to describe in simple terms how a musical composition is written down. I have often been asked to describe this process in casual conversation, and I am always struck by the fact that people remark most and seem most impressed simply by the fact that you had the skill to write down a musical composition.  I try to point out that this is not particularly impressive.  All music majors take classes for that during freshman year in college and can all do it to some extent. What really matters, and what makes you a composer, is whether what you have written down is any good!  Perhaps an analogy would be for a prose writer to be praised because he knew the alphabet and had the skill to write down a story on paper, never mind whether the story is any good.


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