Carry One Big Brush

Sometimes, the simple way is the best. Carry one big brush, and go for it! I imagine backpacking in the mountains, painting a high waterfall in the clouds. Simple tools can make the best paintings.

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bboyfigure copy

I’ve recently found that a big round brush is a fabulous tool for gesture sketching.  It simply won’t allow for needless details. The brush point however, is versatile enough to go back into forms to provide corrections and accents.  Working exclusively with a big round brush would have felt really uncomfortable for me, just one year ago.

Because, July 9 marked my first Watercolor Wednesday and my year  long journey with watercolor,  In that time, I’ve only really used a few watercolor brushes.  But I’m finding that I’m most comfortable now, working only with this big guy for my small watercolor gesture paintings.brush

The image above and the Watercolor Wednesday painting in yesterday’s post are examples of these gesture sketches.  If you haven’t already tried this minimal touch, I encourage you to give it a go.  All you have to lose is a little time and a couple of…

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